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Spec Book Conference & Event Planner

mobile app for meeting and event professionals. Keep all the setup information you need at hand. F&B, room sets, amenities, contact information, notes, and descriptions. When you've verified a room is ready, mark it as checked so you know it's done. When something changes you can edit on the spot and keep your team up to date. Free for single users at Bartle Hall in Kansas City, Missouri.

Behavior Timer

A simple application to help anyone interested in interval recording to collect data on a schedule. Frequently used for Applied Behavior Analysis and by ABA Coaches.

Venue Specific Apps

For convention centers and other large venues we offer customized apps to help meeting planners at your facility and help your staff know what's changed. Don't be left behind by other large hotel chains, we can offer a customized app that integrates with your workflow and sets you apart from the crowd.

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Custom Mobile Apps

We like writing software, if you have an idea for a mobile app that makes life better and work smoother we're here to help.

Ruby on Rails Development

For backend and HTML5 based applications we prefer Ruby on Rails and we've got the deep knowledge and experience to back it up.


Sometimes you just need a fresh look and some specialization to bring a project home.

Courtney Prior, behavioral therapist:

"Just the app I wanted"

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